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Apply Now: Sandwich Year Placement Applications Reopen

Our Social Enterprise, Magazine and Pop-Up Shop sandwich year placement applications have reopened!

SHU Enterprise
SHU Enterprise
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Apply Now: Sandwich Year Placement Applications Reopen

Drop-in info session for all placements:

14th June at 2pm-2.30pm: book here

21st June at 2pm-2.30pm: book here

24th June at 10am-10.30am: book here

Online Magazine

This is a 44 week self-directed placement. Ends 15th July 2022.

As a team, you will create an online publication with the aim of building a readership. You decide the theme and the content.

This academic year saw the first team of three students pioneer The Student Aspect online magazine. The team have complete ownership and can continue to develop the publication into final year and beyond, if they so choose.

Key areas you will work across (in a team of up to 5):

  • Research and development
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Website management
  • Writing and editing
  • Guest writer management
  • Social media strategy
The Student Aspect – Sheffield Hallam University Student Magazine
Useful ideas, perspectives and stories relating to all aspects of student life in Sheffield and beyond.

Innovate. Create. Develop

This is a 44 week self-directed placement. Ends 15th July 2022.

Do you want to tackle an issue that you are passionate about? Do you want to create change and have a positive impact on the lives of other people?

You will work in multi-disciplinary teams of up to 5 individuals to work on a variety projects that will focus on delivering a meaningful social or environmental impact on people’s lives. Your project could be concept only or, ideally, something that you can take to market.

The projects will come under one of 4 key themes:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Equality
  • Environmental
Reshuse: Innovate. Create. Develop sandwich year programme
The team created Reshuse to develop the concept for an extendable child’s shoe.

Hallam Pop-Up Shop

This is a 44 week self-directed placement. Ends 15th July 2022.

The Hallam Pop-Up Shop is located on Howard Street, opposite the main Owen Building Entrance. Each year we recruit a team of up to 5 students to manage the Hallam Pop-up Shop as their own business venture for the duration of their sandwich year placement.

As a member of the management team you will responsible for:

  • Managing the website
  • Recruiting makers and designers to retail their products and services
  • Coordinating bookings
  • Manage the social media and marketing strategy
  • Working with external stakeholders
  • Plan and host events

SHU Enterprise

We help students and graduates develop projects and businesses in exciting new ways. Workshops, 1-1 support, sandwich year placements and more.